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speed control valves

Speed Control Valves

NF 1, 2, 3

The NF Flow Controls are designed to be wafer mounted between the Flow Line Controls Series 50 solenoid valve and Series 20/21 pneumatic actuator. The NF adjustable needle valves restrict air flow rate and actuator speed.

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block vent valves

Block & Vent Valves


The Flow Line Controls NV62 is a 6-way, 2-position lever operated Lockout & Vent Valve that offers two primary functions. It may be used as pneumatic lockout valve and/or a vent valve. When the plunger is extended, air passes freely from the supply line to the pneumatic actuator. When the plunger is depressed, the supply air is locked out from the pneumatic actuator thus locking the actuator out of service by preventing it from being automatically stroked. At the same time NV62 vents the internal pressure from the actuator pistons to the atmosphere. This allows the pneumatic actuator to be easily stroked manually and is ideal for de-clutch gear override applications.

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air lock valves

Air Lock Valves


The Flow Line Controls NV42 a 4-way, 2-position lever operated valve. It is used to lock air inside double acting and spring return actuators. Typical application is to lock valve position in case of air line maintenance or in case of solenoid valve test or repair without moving the valve/actuator.

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air purge modules

Air Purge Module for Spring Return Actuators


Flow Line Controls NX1 Air Purge Module prevents corrosive, dusty and moisture bearing air from being sucked into the spring return side of an actuator. It does this by diverting the actuator’s non-spring side air into the spring chamber instead of exhausting it into the atmosphere when the actuator is cycled.

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filter regulators

Filter Regulator for 1/4" air lines

Flow Line Controls Filter Regulator is a cost effective way to prevent moisture and dust from entering protected equipment such as actuators, solenoid valves and positioners. The Filter Regulator maintains air pressure at the set level regardless of variations of both air consumption and source pressure. The automatic drain releases accumulated moisture eliminating the need for manually draining the filter bowl.

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pneumatic components

Pneumatic Components

The Flow Line Controls NP1/4 converts Namur air inlet mounting pads to 1/4" NPT connections. Flow Line Controls breathers prevent dirt and foreign material from entering open 1/4" and 1/2" NPT ports in pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves and other equipment. Flow Line Controls mufflers provide an additional benefit of reducing noise to acceptable OSHA limits.

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