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heavy duty limit switch

Heavy Duty Limit Switch

Series 52

Flow Line Controls has two series of Nema 4, 4X, IP67 limit switches. The Series 52 limit switch has a heavy duty enclosure and provides valve Open & Close indication with a highly visible 3-D indicator and electrical feedback switches. The Series 53 described in the "Series 53 Limit Switch" technical bulletin is a compact economical switch that is ideal for many applications. The Series 52 limit switch features Namur mount, two 1/2" conduit entries, adjustable 3-D visual indicators and independently adjustable open and close switches. Options include proximity switches, 4-20 mA and 0-10K ohm potentiometer feedbacks.

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Aluminum Housing

The rugged cast aluminum housing is polyester coated inside and outside for use in hostile environments. The cover and visual indicator screws are stainless steel to provide an additional margin of corrosion resistance. The cover screws are captive and also have flat washers to prevent damage to the polyester coating. They have phillips slots and hex heads to facilitate installation and removal. The housing has two 1/2" conduit entries, one for field wiring and the other for connection to optional solenoid valves.

Visual Position Indication

The 3-D indicator is highly visible with red & yellow valve closed & open confirmation. It can be easily adjusted by loosening the retaining screws and rotating the plastic dome.

Push to Set Switch Cams

The cams are splined, spring loaded and independently adjustable without the use of tools. They are also color coded for no-guess adjustments, red – close and green – open.


The terminal strip has "tunnel" wire entries to reduce the possibility of stray wires from shorting against one another. Extra terminals are provided for solenoid valve terminations.